Day 8: From The Love Walk to the West End

Saturday, September 19th 2015

Morning Facebook post:


I think Christian and I are experiencing the after effects of yesterday’s wonderful graduation.

What I’m feeling is empathy. What he’s feeling is, I think, the impact of the first wave of finality, of the slow, inevitable dismantling of everything he built here and also the cumulative fatigue of a year lived flat out.

So we had a slow morning. But since then, we took a stroll to Fulham and stopped at the Love Walk (isn’t that a sweet name for a café?). I had the Full English Breakfast and Christian had the American Breakfast.

The American Breakfast
The American Breakfast
The full English breakfast
The full English breakfast


Soon, we’ll head off to the West End to see The Play that Goes Wrong!!

The Love Walk in Fulham, London

Final Facebook post:

A day that began on shaky legs ended with laughter and joy and THEATRE !!
Christian took me to see The Play that Goes Wrong, at the Duchess, in the West End, and I was reminded yet again (!) how miraculous live performance really is, and how comedy elevates the spirit.

But we also detoured earlier to the Primrose Bakery and afterwards, to the Angus Steakhouse (slightly posher than it sounds, but kind of obsessed with red and black motifs), where, in a fit of pique caused by the decor, Christian chose pork ribs and I chose a lamb shank.


The Primrose Bakery, London
The Primrose Bakery, London

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